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Our goal is to become the leading Canadian resource for seniors ageing in place. For this reason, we strive to provide our readers with fresh content which is relevant and actionable.

We are looking for helpful information that supports older adults who are preparing to age at home and seniors and their caregivers as they navigate the journey of ageing at home.

Who Can Write for Us? You Can!

We are always looking for original articles written by seniors, caregivers, companies providing support and services, associations, not-for-profits, consulting and analyst firms, academia, or other organizations that add value to our community. 

What topics are we looking for?

There are hundreds of topics related to ageing at home.

  • Family and Caregiver Support
  • Community Services
  • Social Activities
  • Caregiver Burnout
  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • Accessibility and Age-Friendly Communities
  • Healthcare Navigation and Legislation
  • Medication Management
  • Legal Issues
  • Cognitive and Mental Health
  • Home Renovations
  • Shared Living Arrangements

Types of Articles We Publish

Actionable Tips and Advice

Do you have a solution to a common need, challenge or frustration faced by seniors ageing at home, their family, or caregivers? Can you provide actionable steps or unique examples to manage the issue? Then we want to hear from you!

Personal Stories

Do you have a personal story to share? Relatable content written by people who share similar challenges and triumphs can be some of the most valuable to our community.

General Interest

Are you a subject expert for a topic of interest to seniors and caregivers? We’d love to hear your pitch!

Sponsored Content

We offer sponsored post opportunities for companies who would like to increase their visibility by providing great content. Therefore this is NOT an advertising opportunity—instead, it is a way for you to demonstrate thought leadership or expertise in a particular topic.

Our Mission

Provide seniors and their loved ones with the tools and information they need so they can age with dignity in the comfort of their own home.

Our Vision

To be the #1 trusted source in Canada for expert advice and reliable services for families and caregivers of seniors ageing at home.

Do you have an article idea? We’d love to hear from you!

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