Guide To Hiring The Best Cleaning Service for Seniors

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Most pre-seniors and seniors are transitioning in many areas of their lives. Work responsibilities and social activities may change, new hobbies started, grand-parenting commitments arise. It’s a great time to re-evaluate what is important to you, and if your priorities do not include vacuuming, this guide to finding the best senior house cleaning service is for you.

Love it or hate it; cleaning has to be done.


There are two groups of seniors who hire house cleaning services: those who dislike or don’t have time to clean or those who cannot clean for themselves due to illness or a physical disability.

Whichever you are, make sure you are hiring the most capable and trustworthy service possible. There are endless numbers of house cleaning service ads and making a selection can be daunting.

You’ll be in a much better position to make your decision by following some basic guidelines.


Referrals from friends and family are a common way seniors find cleaning services. However, a simple search on the internet can help confirm you’re hiring an established and reputable company. Do they support a charity or give back to the community?

Google Reviews can also give you an idea of how their clients feel about them.


When you are ready to contact a potential cleaning service, decide on your expectations, and share those expectations with the cleaning service representative.

Remember that not all cleaning services are the same. Some, for instance, do windows and carpet cleaning, while others do not.


Before calling a potential candidate for your home cleaning needs, be prepared with a list of questions.

  • Ask if a contract is required and if there is a cancellation policy. Does the service charge a fee for cancelling a scheduled cleaning appointment?
  • Ask about insurance – both liability and WSIB for their staff. Some cleaning companies have bonded employees, while others do not.
  • Does the service provide the equipment and cleaning supplies? Or will they use yours?
  • Do they send one person or a team? Will it be the same person (or people) every time?

Also, the service you hire should provide instructions regarding your scheduled cleaning appointment. They may ask you to pick up items off the floor and take care of dishes in the sink (most services do not do dishes).


It’s essential to ask about their Covid-19 protocols. Especially if you are a senior and/or have other health vulnerabilities. If you are dealing with a legitimate business, they will have a documented Covid-19 protocol and a registered Covid-19 Response Plan that the provincial government now requires. Producing and sharing these documents with you will demonstrate their commitment to current laws and public health guidelines surrounding Covid-19.

Furthermore, social distancing guidelines may require that you leave home or remain isolated in a separate room.


There are as many types of cleaning services out there as there are vehicles. There are small economy cars, and there are fast, flashy sports cars. They all carry different price tags, so do your homework and ask the tough questions.

You need to choose a cleaning service that fits your senior lifestyle and has the experience and demonstrated dedication to the quality you are expecting.


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